Get Off the Couch and Get Started Already…

Writing from your home is a great way for military spouses to bring in extra income. If you have any ability at all putting words together, you can probably do just fine out there in the freelance world. There are tons and tons of resources available to you.

First, if you want to check out opportunities in ANY work-from-home genre, check out Rat Race Rebellion.  They pre-screen the job listings before listing them on their site…just for you.

If you are going the freelance writer route, there are a couple of resources I will recommend, especially if copywriting, which is writing for business,  is your gig.

First, you should consider purchasing a couple of wonderful books to help guide you on your course. The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman is a fabulous resource, complete with a full blueprint of how to get started in freelance copywriting. The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert Bly is the quintessential guide from the man who created the world of freelance copywriting as we know it. Both of these books are essential to get you started in the right direction. You might consider signing up for their newsletters and blogs, as well.

Once you get some groundwork in place, you will need to start the marketing end of your business. You must let people know what you do. Get some business cards printed and give them to everyone you see. Get a website with your portfolio (however small it may be) and make sure the site’s listed on your business cards. Do some pro bono work to get your portfolio built up. Try doing some freebies with your favorite charities. Bottom line – spread the word!

Also, it may be smart to start out, especially if your overseas like I am, to bid on work with the content mill sites like Elance. One writer, a friend Peter Bowerman  mentions in his book, Trish Lambert, makes a very healthy income working through Elance. She also offers  coaching on how to grow your writing business through Elance. There are a few other sites, like Guru, iFreelance, GetAFreelancer, Scriptlance and oDesk. Check out Trish’s profiles on Elance to get an idea of how to develop yours. Using these sites can be a great way to build a portfolio, especially if you really don’t have one at all. But, be careful…don’t work for nothing! You will see lots of posts asking you to write a 500 word article for $5…that’s just thievery!

Now, armed with a few steps to get started, it’s time for you to get up off the couch already! Get over to your computer, check out the information that’s right there at your fingertips, get yourself online and get your business started. Take the first step…you know the rest.

Until next time…


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