A new venture…

I met a lovely woman on Gather that introduced me to a new writing site: Helium.

They don’t have as many writers as some of the others, but it looks very promising. They have something the other sites do not…a Marketplace where you can write for individual clients through the site. Very nice.

I’m still writing away at Associated Content.  I love writing there and have been building a following. The money is beginning to come in! I’m still writing for Demand Studios and Break Studios, too. It’s fun! Some of the assignments I pick are are really interesting and I enjoy the research.

The main thing is I’m doing something, not just sitting around waiting for something to find me. I’m sharpening the saw and keeping my skills tight. I’m still looking into a master’s degree program that I can do while I’m overseas, too.

The most important thing is to get up, do a little research and find a way to make it happen. My path isn’t the only path, but it’s  something. Hopefully the sites I’ve found online are beneficial to anyone who wants to find work in the freelance writing field. If not, get out there and make some friends, share your goals with others and make some connections.

When all else fails, look to expanding your education in some way. I’m sure the inspiration will come to you eventually. It did to me!

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